El Tostadero

New Ericoffee design September 2018

We present in scoop new conceptual designs for the next Ericoffee machines.

A more avant-garde and modern design, integrating even more the elements that will make up this new machine.

This new design will be available around September of this year 2018.

ericoffee hostelco

Ericoffee at Hostelco 2018

Between the 16th and 19th of April, Ericoffee will show its functionalities to all the visitors of the Hostelco 2018 fair, which will be held in Barcelona, specifically at the Fira Gran Vía de Barcelona.

Ericoffee stands can be visited in Hall 7, Level 0, Street A, Stand 122 and Pavilion 2, Level 0, Street A, Stand 189


New places to enjoy Ericoffee

The congress palace of Valencia, the Bertal chain or Master Churro in Valencia are just some of the places where you can already enjoy the unique Ericoffee experience where you can customize the coffee, a donut or even a crepe with the image that you want
Go now and enjoy !!!


Ericoffee now also print on Donuts

If you thought you had already seen everything in terms of printing, you are very wrong because our Ericoffee machine is able to print both on the foam of our coffees and on other surfaces such as a Donut, cookies, etc … with which the possibilities and the extension field are unlimited.


Ericoffee around the world Nissan Café Crossing

At the Nissan Crossing Cafe in Tokyo, customers can order a coffee with personalized latte art that shows their favorite Nissan vehicles, or even their own faces, which has become a great attraction. During the next commemorative fair, coffees with personalized latte art will be distributed free of charge to the first 100 visitors.

In this café an Ericoffe machine is used to print everything you want in the coffee foam.



ericoffee en telemadrid

Ericoffee in the tv program Madrid Directo

The ‘selfieccino’ arrives in Madrid, an original way of drinking coffee. It is a novel technique that has become fashionable in London and now arrives in Madrid, although the invention is 100% Spanish.

In this cafeteria the maxim of “personalized attention” has been taken to the letter and you are served coffee with your face printed in full color on the foam. To complete that breakfast or snack also print your photo on the buns. It’s simple.

You take a selfie with your mobile, send the image to the web or the application connected to the printer that transfers it to the foam of coffee with natural dyes.

ericoffe el hormiguero

Ericoffee at the tv program “El Hormiguero”

Márron could be said to be one of the best known scientists of our country, which is no small thing. The genius of ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ has taught Juan del Val and Nuria Roca a very coffee-based invention, and that is that Marron has brought the first printer (Ericoffee) in coffee foam. Delicious!