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Decorate in different sizes and full color

The friendly interface of Ericoffee will allow the user to decorate in three predefined sizes (S, M and L) that can be changed as the establishment wants.

Also the decoration in full color, so that the photographs of your clients have the best quality and you can surprise them when delivering your order.

Customize your Ericofffee

So you never lose your brand image, you can customize the Ericoffee screen logo, to put your store logo, because we want the printer to be part of your day to day for a long time. Ericoffee is available in red or white.

Using the most avant-garde WiFi technology, the Ericoffee software is always updated with all the news and improvements.

An autonomous machine

The exclusive machine, Ericoffee, is very simple to use so you can place it in a corner where your own customers can make their personalizations without the need of a person in charge of carrying them out.

For example, you can surprise the guests of an event with Ericoffee, so they can make their own pictures and share them on social networks, so the event will be more widely disseminated.


Your clients will connect to the Ericoffee wifi network and from the web browser they can send the images they want to play. If you prefer, you can also download the official Ericoffee App to have it always on your smartphone.


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